Creating at Created

Sometimes you need to take a break and unwind to see things clearly. This summer we went to a family celebration in Ireland and got the opportunity to relax, unwind, consider. It has been almost 7 years since we opened Created. During that time we have worked hard to offer a service to both our customers and makers. However, it has been at the expense of our own making.
So we threw around some ideas for how we can still work for customers and makers while allowing time for Dominic and Deirdre to make. We thought about the space at Created and what we could do with it. We looked at our opening times. We did a lot of thinking. Then we took action.
When you call into Created, the first think that you will notice is that there is a smaller area for retail. The famous white display cabinets are there still and we have packed a lot into a neater space. Look further in and you will see a space where Deirdre is working on her textiles. Through to the panelled room and there is Dom throwing pots on his wheel. Upstairs is still an office but we have plans to reopen the Gallery Upstairs in the future.
Those of you who follow Clare Gage will know that she has a little boy who is close to one now. To help Clare have time to make, Deirdre and Dominic do some ‘Grandparent Duties’. This has altered our opening times. We are open Thurs-Sat, 10.30-4.30pm but also sometimes on Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon. You will know if we are in, the mannequin will be outside and we are open for business. These are times when we are making – you’re welcome to watch and chat.
Finally, here are some photos of the new layout.






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